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Travel to Prague: Deals, Attractions, and Tips

Your Prague travel guide

Walk across the iconic Charles Bridge, see one of Europe’s largest fortresses and drink some of the best beer in the world in the unique atmosphere that only Prague can provide.

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After many trips to Prague, we’ve put together this guide with all the information you’ll need for your trip.

Few cities can surpass Prague and its charm, and with good reason – Prague is the only capital of Central Europe that has escaped more significant destruction in previous wars. It’s packed with spectacular Art Nouveau facades, classical music concerts around every corner, and some of the best beers in the world!

Although it has long been at the top of famous tourist destinations globally, a trip to Prague is still on the wish list of many tourists, including those who have already visited the “Golden City”.

Prague is truly unique, a well-preserved medieval city with a rich history, beautiful parks, exciting nightlife, and all with a note of the bohemian and romantic.

Why should you visit Prague (again)?

Long hidden in the shadows of the West’s sparkling capitals, Prague is now a world-renowned tourist destination.

Prague has (still) moderate pricing compared to other West European destinations. You do not need to pay a ticket to visit the best attractions such as Charles Bridge or Prague Castle, while the food and drinks are significantly lower than in Paris, London or Rome.

However, the best answer to why you should visit Prague would be the results of a study conducted by The U.S. News & World. This research produced various ranking lists of tourism hotspots in Europe and beyond, and here is where Prague ranks:

  • 1st place in “Best Destinations in Eastern Europe”
  • 1st place in “Best Christmas Travel”
  • 2nd place in the “Best Cheap European Destinations”
  • 5th place in “The best honeymoon destinations in Europe”
  • 5th place in “Best destinations to visit in September”
  • 6th place in “The best winter holidays in Europe”
  • 7th place in “Best Destinations in Europe”
  • 7th place in “The best family vacation in Europe”
  • 26th place in the “Best Destinations in the World”

When is the best time to travel to Prague?

Like other city destinations, you can visit Prague all year round without fear that the weather will drastically reduce the experience of this city.

Although it can be warm during the summer, the average temperatures are still around 21 ° C, so a visit to Prague during that period can be refreshing. However, remember that the summer is the peak tourist season, so expect crowds at the city’s major tourist attractions.

Therefore, spring and autumn are the ideal time to visit Prague.

The winter months are a little colder, and you should avoid them EXCEPT during the Christmas and New Year holidays when Prague turns into a true Christmas fairy tale! You have to experience it!

Prague's pros and cons

Prague is one of the world’s favorite destinations, but even this city has pros and cons.

What is good about Prague?

Architecture: Even the most ordinary walk through the city is an exceptional experience because architecture is breathtaking, even for those not particularly enthusiastic about it. Prague was not bombed or significantly destroyed during the great wars of the last century (unlike most other European capitals), so hundred-year-old buildings (as well as much older ones) are visible at every step.

Charles Bridge: Charles Bridge is a symbol of this city and one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. This bridge alone is reason enough to visit Prague.

Beer: when you are already here, why not visit one of the local pubs and enjoy the exceptional Czech beer. The Czechs drink the most beer per capita globally, so don’t be embarrassed by just one mug. 😉

Food: Czech cuisine may not be the healthiest, but it is bohemian for the soul! And that means extremely tasty! The basis of the diet is potatoes and meat. Sausages sold on the street, pretzels, hot potatoes are well-known, and we suggest the famous specialty boar’s knee – pork knee served on a wooden plate with more sauce and potatoes. And beer, of course.

Nightlife: Prague is a large university center where many young students live, and the nightlife is on the first list of reasons for many who visit this city.

What’s not so good when traveling to Prague?

A lot of tourists: Prague is unique, and it is no wonder that people from all over the world visit this city. However, it comes at a price. The city center is almost always full of tourists, along with expensive (and not very high quality) restaurants, fraudsters, pickpockets, and beggars. It should not deter you from traveling to Prague, and you should be a little more careful when you are in the center.

Taxi drivers: are not to be proud of – many taxi drivers will charge you several times more than the regular price. Sounds familiar to you? The advice is to ask the hotel reception to call a taxi for you or seek advice from an agency representative/guide.

Travel to Prague
Travel to Prague

What to see and do in Prague?

The Charles Bridge

This 600-year-old bridge is a symbol of the city and the most famous tourist attraction in Prague. Decorated with 30 baroque statues, it is an ideal place for your great Instagram photos!

Vltava River

The Vltava River flows through the city center and is decorated with numerous bridges, including Charles Bridge. Cruising the Vltava is a memorable experience and provides a different perspective of Golden Prague.

Prague attractions
Prague attractions

Prague’s Old Town Square

The place where all begins with tourists, guides, and street artists, and the center itself is a monument to Jan Hus, a Czech religious reformer. Around the square, there are buildings where the architectural styles of different epochs change, making it one of Europe’s most beautiful squares.

Prague Castle

It is one of the largest globally and certainly one of the most beautiful. It is located at the top of Hradčany and has been home to many Czech rulers since the 9th century, and it is still the case today – it is home to the President of the Czech Republic.

National Theatre

The National Theater in Prague is a neo-Renaissance building on the banks of the Vltava, magnificent both outside and inside, and often stands out as the most outstanding achievement of Czech architecture.

The Golden Lane

Golden Lane is made up of two rows of low buildings located beneath the ramparts of Prague Castle. It was built in the 16th century and was mostly occupied by goldsmiths, hence its name. The facade of the buildings vary in color, with low ground floor entrances, and the most notable is the one with the number 22, where the legendary Franz Kafka once lived.

Venceslas Square

It is known for numerous historical events, and today it is an ideal place for shopping that gathers many tourists.

Astronomical clock

The Astronomical Clock is located on the Old Town Square and is one of the biggest attractions in Prague, one of those not to be missed. It was made back in 1410 and is one of the three oldest in the world and the oldest that is still in operation. In addition to the exact time, it also shows the position of the Sun, Moon, and stars, while its lower dial shows zodiac signs and the change of seasons. For those who are not interested in the history, significance, and technology of this watch, trust us – it will look great on your Instagram! 😉

Pubs and beerhouses

It’s no surprise that many people visit Prague for the pubs, which are typically exceptional tourist attractions. The bohemian vibe, excellent Czech beer, and soul food.

St. Vitus Cathedral

It is an exceptional example of Gothic architecture. It is the largest cathedral in the entire Czech Republic and one of the most important.

Activities for families and kids in Prague

If you are traveling to Prague with children, you don’t have to worry about whether kids will have a fun time.

Below are a few activities that will surely delight your little ones, and the trip to Prague will remain in their fondest memories:

Petřín Hill: there are many playgrounds and activities for children. They can climb towers, visit a maze of mirrors, and even an observatory!

Boat ride: take your children on the Vltava or rent a pedal boat during the summer. You can even reach the Zoo by boat!

Prague Zoo: – each Zoo has a different concept, space, and animals, so each is interesting in its way. There are a variety of activities for children in the garden as well, besides seeing the animals.

Dino Park in Prague offers a handful of exciting and educational content for children and is filled with numerous models of dinosaurs in their former life-size.

Hamleys is a popular British toy store and is one of the largest in Europe!

Sea World is the largest aquarium in the Czech Republic, with many exotic fish species, including sharks.

The Toy Museum in Prague is the second largest museum in the world! It has numerous collections from all over the world and eras – from toys children played with in ancient Greece to modern barbies.

Prague travel winter
pogled na centralni trg u pragu

Prague Gastronomy

Prague is a student city, so there are many places with cheap food. Many restaurants offer discounts on weekdays between 11 am and 2 pm, but some are real traps for tourists in which you will not get cheap (or even tasty) meals.

Breweries are often a good choice because, in addition to beer, you can also enjoy delicious bohemian specialties that mainly consist of pork and potatoes.

Tip: if you enter a restaurant with a menu translated in English, know that tourists are frequent guests, so there is a higher risk of paying more for lower quality. If you are not afraid to experiment with dishes and like to try new things, look for restaurants that offer their specialties only in Czech.

Trdelnik is a famous delicacy sold on the street and for which Prague became famous. If you look at Prague as a location on Instagram, you will see many photos of this delicacy. However, trdelnik is not a Czech but a Slovak specialty, which won’t diminish the enjoyment and your new Instagram image’s value.

Trdelnik cake in Prague
Trdelnik cake in Prague

Prices for tourists in Prague

Prague can be considered a cheaper destination compared to London or Paris.

The good thing is that you don’t have to pay a ticket for most of the locations, and if you make an effort, you can discover places with reasonable food and drink prices.

Tickets for the sites charged are generally from 2.5€ to 6€.

The standard breakfast in a local cafe is 4-5€ per person, and it will be cheaper if you have breakfast in one of the bakeries. Of course, if you already have breakfast at your hotel, you don’t have to worry about this meal.

You have different options for lunch:

Burger 4-6€
Traditional goulash – 4.5-6€
Sandwich 1-3€
Sausage at street vendors – 2.5€
McDonald’s meal – 6€

For dinner in one of the restaurants, you will pay from 7-12€.

For many, a good part of the budget will go to beer, which costs an average of 1-2€ in breweries. After spending the evening in the pub, you will need a good morning coffee to shake you around the city, and that espresso will cost you 1.5€.

All prices shown are based on more modest consumption. Keep in mind that you are in one of the most famous capitals in the world and that you can easily spend a few hundred euros for one meal if your budget allows it.

Prague travel winter

More information on getting to and around Prague

Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to get around and plan your stay in the Czech capital.

Public transport in Prague

You won’t need public transit in Prague if you stay for a few days. The city center has been designed for horses and pedestrians, so the best advice we can give you is to prepare comfortable shoes.

Prague has a very well-connected tram, bus, and metro network if you want to use public transport. Public transportation is not particularly expensive, but don’t forget to confirm your ticket. Otherwise, you may have problems with checks.

All types of public transport use the same ticket, so you can use it on the tram, bus, or subway as needed.

Taxi service in Prague

Unfortunately, taxi drivers have a bad reputation in Prague because they often know how to charge more than the actual price.

It happens when you catch the taxi on the street, less often with those you call on the phone. Therefore, we advise you first to ask the hotel reception to call a taxi for you, and if you are outside the hotel, call one of the verified taxi services:

   – AAA Radiotaxi – tel. 222 333 222
   – City Taxi – tel. 257 257 257
   – Profi Taxi – tel. 14015
   – Halotaxi – tel. 2 4411 4411
   – Sedop – tel. 227 227 227

Especially avoid taking a taxi on the street near the most popular tourist attractions and busiest stations. If you have to take a cab on the street, see if there is a sign on the roof with the name. Check if there is TAXI on both sides of the vehicle and if the driver’s name, license number, and price list are written on the door since registered taxi drivers must meet these conditions.

Ask the driver about the approximate price to the destination before you get in the vehicle and use the Google map on your phone to track the route you are taking.

Uber works very well in Prague, and you will have significantly fewer problems with transportation if you use it.

Currency and money exchange

The official currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown, and although it will accept euros in many cafes, you still need to have crowns with you to enjoy your stay.

At the moment, you will get a little more than 25 crowns for 1 euro, but always check the official exchange rate or google “eur to czk”.

You can be scammed when converting money in exchange offices, so always be cautious and ask how much you will get for 50 euros. Even though the exchange office says “0% commission”, they know how to charge an outstanding “exchange fee”, but you will get that explanation late.

Be careful of withdrawing money from ATMs, and by no means DO NOT use EuroNet ATMs because the commission on them is the highest.

Prague Souvenirs

An authentic souvenir from Prague is undoubtedly the famous Czech crystal or porcelain.

There are many shops selling glasses and dishes made of Czech crystal and porcelain in Prague, but there are also many where the quality of these products is questionable.

Therefore, we can recommend the following stores where you do not have to worry about product quality:

   Erpet Bohemia Crystal

   Address: Old Town Square 27, Prague 1 (across the Astronomical Clock)

   Blue Praha

   Address: More location, check on:

   Czech Crystal

   Address: Letenská 526/2, Malá Strana, Praha 1

Ask anyone who has visited Prague, and they will tell you that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

The city is full of history, the beer is exceptional, the architecture is first-class, and the prices are still not so terrible. Prague is equally fairytale-like for elderly and romantic couples, interesting for families with children, and especially attractive to young people because of the exceptional nightlife.

Prague certainly offers much more than architecture, beer, and a romantic atmosphere. This city is at the top of European trends when discussing art, fashion, and gastronomy. The city went through several periods – the Slovenian, Habsburg, and communist eras left their mark and made Prague fascinating to explore.

So what are you waiting for? Choose one of the travel deals and start preparing for an adventure called a trip to Prague!