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Vienna Travel Guide: Deals, Attractions, and Tips

A trip to Vienna means visiting one of Europe’s and the world’s cultural capitals, a city that has consistently ranked first on lists of the best and most desirable cities to live in for the past two decades.

Vienna was home to Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt, Brahms, and Strauss. Theaters, operas, museums, galleries, monuments, cathedrals, Sacher cake, coffee, pubs, and so on… All of these are reasons to visit Vienna and come back!

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What to visit in Vienna?

Vienna is a perfect destination for adventurers, artists, books, movies, and fun lovers, a city suitable for children because it provides so many activities for the entertainment of the youngest.

Belvedere Castle – in fact, a baroque museum consisting of two museums, contains the most significant works of Austrian art. In addition to Austrian art, the museum also includes works by Van Gogh and the French impressionist Claude Monet.

Belvedere is part of a beautiful park where you can relax with landscaped walking trails and works called games of the water (jeux d’eau). It also contains many sculptures and offers a beautiful view, as its name suggests – Belvedere.

Schönbrunn Castle – Vienna is well-known for its castles, which unquestionably enhance the city and have historical significance in addition to aesthetic value. First, you must go to Schönbrunn, the Habsburg monarchy’s castle where Maria Theresa lived. Upon entering, you will be given headphones and a tour that will explain all of the rooms in the castle, including their uses and the names of those who have been in those rooms. The castle is gorgeous but photographing is not permitted.

Within the castle, there is a restaurant where you can try the most delicious Viennese specialties, and nearby you can visit the Vienna ZOO, one of the oldest zoos in the world, known for the fact that it also contains a giant panda. You can buy tickets for 20 euros, and for a lovely tour, you need about 2 hours.

In the very center of Vienna, you can find the so-called museum district, which includes several museums that should definitely be visited. This part of Vienna is incredibly convenient to visit during the summer or spring, considering that there are also beautiful green parks on whose grass you can sit, lie down, and relax. The feeling of these parks is a true paradise.

The city’s center is the most famous Stephanplatz square, which includes streets and luxury clothing stores, for all shopping lovers. If you are also a gourmand, we suggest Figlmuller – as a place where authentic Viennese steak is made and served, which we guarantee you will like.

In addition, we recommend a visit to the Viennese market – a variety of spices, gifts, souvenirs, handmade jewelry, beautifully packaged food, chocolates, Mozart balls (Mozartkugel), tropical fruits, and much more.

Vienna Christmas Markets

Vienna during the New Year holidays

The most popular is the Christmas market, which you should not skip if you visit Vienna in December, during the holidays. During this period, Vienna has an entirely different spirit and atmosphere that is hard to forget. Colored facades, streets, storefronts, Christmas trees of various sizes, warm smiles of people, tea to warm up, and wine. This contributes to the unforgettable mood and high level of holiday energy.

The mentioned events are especially interesting for children, and if you come with your family, they will love it!

Note: The Vienna Market is regularly open until 3 pm, but the working hours have been extended during the holidays, so you can enjoy it for an hour longer.


Popular shopping places in Vienna?

Those with deeper pockets can indulge in well-known luxury brands in the very center of Vienna. There are Dior, Armani, and other famous names. These boutiques are intended for the wealthiest tourists, so don’t be surprised if you see that an ordinary scarf costs more than 750 euros.

Most tourists decide to go shopping in the famous Mariahilferstrasse, which is also located in the city center. Here you can find slightly more affordable brands and prices so that shopping can be affordable for every pocket. Some of the shops you can find here are H&M, ZARA, MANGO, URBAN OUTFITTERS … and others. Opening hours are until 7 pm, while on Sundays, everything is closed.

Also, if you are a big fan of shopping, we recommend the PARNDORF outlet, which includes over 600 different fashion brands, men’s and women’s wardrobes. The department store is 30 km from Vienna.


Public transport in Vienna

Vienna is divided into districts (bezirk), making it one of the most organized cities in Europe. The metro runs every two to three minutes and connects all major points.

You can buy a metro ticket at the vending machines in front of the stations. You can choose a one-day ticket (a ticket that lasts 24 hours from the moment of purchase), but if you plan to drive longer, a few days, we suggest you buy a ticket that lasts 72 hours. Such a ticket will cost you a little less than 20 euros.

It’s good to know that it’s ideal to book a table for a restaurant online, especially if it’s a popular Viennese restaurant with a high volume of people and it’s difficult to find a table.

Vienna should be experienced in all seasons!

Whether you are in a fairytale of New Year’s atmosphere or, like former nobles, enjoy the luxuries of Viennese castles and their divine gardens during the summer – you will not go wrong.

Every season brings its charms in Vienna, and it is simply sad not to experience them. So don’t be fooled that it is enough to visit this city only once!

average air temperature in Vienna by months
Vienna's average air temperatures by month

Also, if you visit Vienna during December, January, or February when temperatures are low, we remind you that you need to have a good and warm wardrobe with you. It can be extremely cold in Vienna, with cold winds accompanying low temperatures.