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Greece is a popular summer destination from May through October, where travelers enjoy the warm weather and swimming in lovely water. Choose your holiday destination in Greece!

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Sarti beach, Sithonia, Greece


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Neos Marmaras

Metamorfosi summer in Greece


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Greece is the ideal destination for a summer vacation!

Greece is a famous holiday destination – the most beautiful beaches in the world, warm sea, lovely sunshine, and friendly hosts make Greece an irresistible summer destination for most tourists. Greece seemed to be made by the gods. In addition to the exceptional climate, the Greek coast is characterized by rugged coast, which results in countless beaches, coves, bays, islands, and peninsulas. Here, where the world’s first civilizations originated, Greece’s most popular holiday destinations are located today.

Nice weather and a pleasant climate throughout the summer attract tourists worldwide, especially those from colder and rainier countries.

Greece’s beaches are what set it apart from other similar destinations. Paradise beaches can be found at every step along the coastline, whether on land or islands. There are many small, secret beaches as well as huge ones; sandy, pebble, and rocky beaches, with greenery and natural shade or lovely umbrellas, popular and isolated. One thing is for certain: even ten lifetimes would not be enough to swim in each of them at least once. So don’t waste your time!

Bougainvillea Flower Greece

Greek islands

Each archipelago and island has its own charm, beauty, and tale. It’s difficult to pick a favorite because there are so many of them. After all, it’s a terrific topic for a debate among friends – everyone has a favorite Greek island and valid reasons why “their” island is the greatest in Greece!

Probably the most famous Greek islands are the Cyclades, mostly Santorini, Mykonos, Ios. Rhodes and Skiathos are certainly on the same level, as well as the famous pearls of the Ionian Sea – Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, and the largest and southernmost island of Crete.

We should not forget the emerald island of Thassos, nor Ithaca, Icaria, and the increasingly popular Evia. Find the one that suits you best and enjoy the beautiful beaches, local wine, and fresh fish.

Enjoy the Mediterranean diet

Did you know that the Mediterranean diet is considered the healthiest in the world? That is why a summer vacation in Greece is an opportunity to enjoy the flavors that will improve your health. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, cheese, homemade bread, fresh fish, homemade wine, and inevitably extra virgin olive oil make Greek cuisine recognizable.

Greece summer beaches

Entertainment and nightlife

Light conversations, good music, moonlight swimming – when you’re on vacation in Greece, it’s easy to have a great time. There are taverns in every place where the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for dinner instantly turns into a collective play of sirtaki.

Greeks and tourists both enjoy the nightlife, thus there is usually a vibrant atmosphere in numerous clubs. For many, summer in Greece means partying until dawn! And the next morning, after the first plunge into the sea, the body and mind are reborn, and everything starts all over again.

When not at the beach

As beautiful as Greece’s beaches are, exploring the country’s interior is well worth your time. Athens and Thessaloniki are must-see cities (which you can do outside of the summer season).

Greece is rich in archaeological sites and monasteries. Visit the Holy Mountain of Athos or the well-known Meteora. The gods’ home, Mount Olympus, awaits true adventurers and nature lovers. Investigate inland cities around your location. You will get to know true Greece here, and the pricing will pleasantly surprise you.

Frequently asked questions

Greece is in the time zone UTC + 2.  It is important to set your clock to local Greek time as soon as you land at one of the Greek airports because you will receive all the information (about working hours, sightseeing, and tours) in local time.

Greek sea temperatures usually reach 25°C during summer, while daily air temperatures range from 29°C to 40°C.

Depending on the sea currents, jellyfish can occasionally appear in some resorts. They are harmless and should not affect your impression of the destination because their presence cannot be predicted.

The elder generation uses it on a basic conversational level, whereas the younger generation speaks English fluently.

There are mosquitoes in almost all Greek resorts, but their presence is practically invisible somewhere. The presence of mosquitoes is higher in summer resorts with more greenery and larger freshwater areas on the coast. Make sure that the accommodation you choose has mosquito nets on the windows and always have a mosquito repellent device and spray with you, and you will not have any problems.

ABSOLUTELY! Not only will the sea and the air improve the health of the little ones, but they will also enjoy swimming and playing all day. Almost all Greek resorts have parks and many facilities for children, while restaurants offer baby feeders. In Greece, you can buy supplements, porridge, bottles, and everything necessary for the youngest, so there is no need to bring it all from home.

Although nothing bad would happen if you drink it, the official statement is that tap water in Greece is not drinkable. That is why you should buy bottled water, which is quite cheap when purchased in bulk (six bottles each).

Because sewage pipes in most of Greece are 50 mm in diameter, clogging issues are common. That is why you will often see a sign stating that you must only dispose of paper waste in the bin, and we strongly suggest you follow this rule or you can face with troubles.

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